Privacy Policy

This webpage displays the privacy policy of Original Market Square Liquors. Original Market Square Liquors cares about the privacy of its customers and understands your concern about how your personal data is used by the website. This policy will clarify your following queries regarding personal information:

  • 1) What type of information we collect?
  • 2) How do we use the information?
  • 3) What choices do you have?
  • 4) How do you update your information with us?

In case you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us via the following options:


1. Our promise of confidentiality:

We are committed to practicing utmost care while dealing with sensitive customer information collected by us at any given point. We understand very well that when you share your personal information with us, you do it with trust and expect integrity from our side. We comply with all the state and federal privacy laws and also follow our own standard operating procedures in terms of collecting, using, preserving, and sharing important customer data.

2. If you choose not to be contacted for promotions:

Should you choose to refrain from getting any promotional or marketing information from us, please contact us on the above-mentioned contact details and we will help you with the procedure.

3. Original Market Square Liquors  reserves the rights to policy amendment:

In order to continuously improve ourselves, we keep changing the way we function. Original Market Square Liquors solely reserves the right to change or amend the mentioned privacy policy at any given point in time.

We would like to inform you that when you use the website Original Market Square Liquors, you agree to the policies and procedures. Original Market Square Liquors can modify policy at any time. If you are not comfortable with any of the updated policies or procedures mentioned on the website then we have to advise you not to avail of any services or products offered by Original Market Square Liquors.

In case you still continue to use our website to buy products, avail of any services or use any portion of the website then it is considered as your acceptance to the mentioned updated policies.

4. Collection of information and its usage:

Original Market Square Liquors is committed to serve you better and make your shopping experience pleasant with us. In order to keep up with the pace of digitalization and business use we have to collect certain personal information from our customers.

The details of business objectives behind collecting personal information from the customer are listed below:

  • Maintaining our internal records like sales records, marketing etc.
  • To identify your choice of products and services.
  • Acknowledging your queries regarding transactions and any other form of interaction with us.
  • Keeping the communication going between you and the website.
  • Responding to your request for availing any information from us or any of our partners.
  • Tracking your address for delivering your order or offering any requested service by you
  • Keeping you posted about any promotional/ marketing campaigns floated by us or our affiliated business partners.
  • Handling payments or transactions through third party service providers
  • Fulfilling any statutory, regulatory, legal and security demands.
  • Gathering data for our business analysis and statistics.
  • Shield you and your identity from illegal and dubious activities

Please note that the mention of “you” in the privacy policy also refers to any individuals associated with you. Also, we would like to mention that we do not indulge in sharing, selling or renting the collected information in any way. We may collect information at various levels during the time of your interaction with us on our website. In order to keep you updated with the latest happenings, new additions in our product range or any new development you may receive communication from our side. If you wish to receive, opt out of or update us you can contact us on the given contact details.

5. Cookies

We use cookies on this website. Cookies are used to gather standard information from the visitor. This is a piece of code that helps to share information between your browser and a website. Cookies also help in making the interaction quick and easy for a pleasant experience of the visitor. It also helps us to know your interests better.

Further, these cookies are utilized by a tool called Google Analytics. It’s a service offered by Google Inc. to analyze certain data about the user like tracking your IP address, analyzing your behavior, how you use the website, your navigation pattern etc and then generate reports regarding the same. These reports help Original Market Square Liquors and its affiliates to arrive at website activity and important business for future.The information transmitted by these cookies to the vendors will be stored on servers in the United States. The vendors sometimes have to transfer this data to third party vendors associated with them for processing information. Your IP address will not be associated with any other information procured by them.

There are different methods to block and delete cookies, where you can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. Please note that by doing so, you will not be able to utilize the website to its full potential. Also, if you continue using this website, it shows your consent to allow Google and Original Market Square Liquors to use your information in the manner stated above.

6. Providing personal information

While shopping on our website a user has to register himself with personal details like, contact number, name , e-mail address and physical address etc. This is an important step in order to avail services and complete the shopping process.

We use your e-mail address to send you important updates related to your transactions, keep you updated with our policy changes, send you our newsletters and also may send you promotional messages for availing offers. In case you do not wish to receive emails you can stop receiving the e-mail by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link. You can also write to us on the above mentioned e-mail id for unsubscribing.

7. Protecting your personal information

We understand that one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce business is online transactions and the security measures for safeguarding sensitive data. To ensure that our users’ data is protected all times, we use a standard security technology called SSL or Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL helps to form an encrypted link between the web server (website) and a browser (user). This means that sensitive information like credit card numbers, login details and social security numbers gets transmitted in a secure way. If the data is transferred without using encryption then there are high possibilities of your data being exposed to an attacker and might be misused. Original Market Square Liquors assures you that your data is in the safe hands and always safeguarded. As an exception, Original Market Square Liquors cannot ensure the security of the information that you share with us via e-mail and it is vulnerable to outside threats

When you register with us on our website, you need to create an account with us and protect it with a unique password. We recommend that you keep this password completely secure to avoid any mishaps. The password should be according to the instructions mentioned and should contain a combination of alphabets, special characters and numbers.

8. Disclosing personal information

Original Market Square Liquors never discloses any personal information pertaining to its customers except the information mentioned earlier. For business reasons, we have to disclose some information to our third party vendors. These vendors also comply with the rules laid by the law to keep your information confidential always. This information is utilized and disclosed only when appropriate and in circumstances that are conforming to all the pertinent laws.The purposes could be any of the following:

  • While processing credit card payments through third party vendors in accordance with bank norms;
  • When you shop for a vendor’s product from our website;
  • When we would like to notify you directly or through our third party vendors about certain products or services;
  • To process exchanges through information preparing specialist organizations;
  • For legitimate, claims settlement and valuation administrations;

In the event that these vendors wish to utilize your personal information for some other reason, they will have a lawful commitment to advise you of this and, where required, to get your assent. Get in touch with us at the mentioned contact details for more details.

9. Disclosing information to third party vendors

A few parts in our site might be offered to you in relationship with associated vendors, for example, promotional accomplices, devoted makers of liquor, or co-supporters of occasions you might want to witness. Such co-marked territories may expect you to disclose personal information to the vendor. The vendor’s privacy policy will apply to how they treat your personal information. We suggest you survey the privacy policy of these vendors. In case you choose to register for occasions or products with these vendors you will give your personal information to both us, and the vendor.

10. Specialist organizations

We collaborate with specialist firms to upgrade your shopping experience on our Website including, however not constrained to, shipping, tax administration and product proposals. These organizations may utilize data (excluding your name, address, email address or phone number) about your visits to this website so as to give customized proposals and commercials about our products and enterprises on our webpage just as when you visit other Websites. Since specialist firms we use might be situated in the United States, your Personal Information might be handled and put away inside the United States; and the U.S. government, courts or administrative offices might have the option to acquire revelation of your Personal Information under US laws.

11. Social media and you data privacy

In case you divulge your social media identities like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, or write comments about a product in the comments section or chat rooms etc with your identity on this website be informed that these details could be gathered or utilized by different users of these forums, and could be utilized to send you spontaneous messages. We suggest that you don’t give your name, email address or some other individual data in open gatherings on this Site. If you don’t mind, please note that in the event that you decide to do as such, it is at your own hazard and you acknowledge full duty regarding those posts and any results that may emerge from posting this data.

12. In case of business dealings

As we keep on building up our business, we may sell or purchase resources. In such exchanges, client data, including Personal Information, by and large is one of the moved business resources. Additionally, if either Original Market Square Liquors itself or significantly all of Original Market Square Liquors resources were procured, your Personal Information might be one of the moved resources. Accordingly, we may unveil or potentially move your Personal Information to an outsider buyer in these conditions.

13. In case of other legally required disclosures

Original Market Square Liquors retains the option to reveal without your earlier consent any Personal Information about you or your utilization of this Site if has a decent confidence and conviction that such activity is important to:
(a) secure and shield the rights, property or well being of Original Market Square Liquors, representatives, different clients of this Site, or the general population;
(b) implement the terms and conditions that apply to utilization of this Site;
(c) as required by a legitimately substantial solicitation from a capable administrative power; or
(d) react to claims that any substance abuses the privileges of third parties.

We may likewise uncover Personal Information as we believe are important to fulfill any material law, guideline, legitimate procedure or administrative solicitation.

14. Information obtained from third parties

Original Market Square Liquors gets purchaser data from third party suppliers so as to improve our client database, increment our comprehension of our clients or to recognize potential clients. For instance, we may get refreshed locations from the National Change of Address (NCOA) administration to guarantee we have the right contact data for our clients.

The third parties with whom we lead business are approved to utilize your data just to perform their duties. They are required to comply with the particulars of our Privacy Policy including taking sensible measures to guarantee your own data is secure. We may likewise impart aggregated data to third parties for investigation and research purposes. This information doesn’t contain the name, address or other personal identity of the customer.

15. Children’s and minor’s privacy

The Original Market Square Liquors website is proposed for grown-ups 21 years old and above. We don’t purposely gather individual data from minors younger than 21. In the case of the parent or guardian of minors younger than 21 years, they feel that Original Market Square Liquors has received personal information of the said minor then we advise them that they need this data erased from our records with immediate effect.

17. Third-Party Services

Original Market Square Liquors uses your information to respond to you and will not share your information with any third party, other than as required to fulfill your inquiry, e.g. to ship an order.

However, certain third-party service providers, including payment gateway and other marketing processes have their privacy policies, which you must read to understand the usage of personal information control. Moving further, we only need your details while making purchases and transactions.

If you choose a transaction, which includes a third-party service provider located in a different jurisdiction, then your personal information may become subject to the regulations of the jurisdiction and their privacy policy.